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After growing up in the lake country of central Minnesota Mike Carisch moved to Bozeman, MT and attended Montana State University. After college he obtained his helicopter pilots certificate and in 1990 with a Bell-47 helicopter he started building a business and a career.

With 20+ years flying experience Mike has flown in the Caribbean, all around the lower 48, Canada, and Alaska, He has spent 18 years flying fire suppression, and SAR missions for Yellowstone National Park. As the preferred owner/operator for Gallatin County Sherriff's Helicopter Search and Rescue Team he has transported people into and out of the back-country saving many lives.

Mike has also accumulated several thousand hours doing fire suppression and support for several other Federal, State, and Local Agencies like the US Forest Service, and the Minnesota DNR. He considers himself a firefighter, and quickly identifies himself with with the hand crew.

1992 - Mike's First Helicopter with a stealth bomber in the background.

Bell 47 Helicopter


1992 - Mike and Gerald Carisch going skiing

Carisch Bell 47 Helicopter


1993 - Bell 47 in the mountains

Bell 47 Helicopter


1993 - Carisch Helicopter Tours in Gardiner, MT

Helicopter Tours


1994 - The first turbine helicopter - N2277T - a Bell 206BIII

Bell Jetranger


1997 -Mike on the set of 'The Patriot' with Steven Seagal

1997 - 'The Patriot' with Steven Seagal


2002 - Familiarizing a pair of Animals of Montana tiger kittens with the helicopter Animals of Montana

Helicopter with Tigers Montana


2009 - The new helicopter - N352TC - a Bell 206L4(HATK) with it's DNR crew at the Princeton, MN helibase

1997 - Minnesota DNR Helicopter

Proudly serving Bozeman and Southwest Montana since 1991

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