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Mike's choice of helicopters is the Bell 206L-4 "Long Ranger". N352TC was factory built in 2009 to suit the harsh environment of the inter-mountain west.

With its powerful Rolls Royce turbine engine and upgraded high altitude tail rotor this helicopter has the capability to fly higher and carry more payload while maintaining control authority on hot summer afternoons or gusty winter mornings. This strength and power ultimately contributes to safety by giving the pilot a greater control margin over similar aircraft.

Safely transporting up to 6 passengers and pilot plus baggage the 206L-4 is an excellent air taxi or sightseeing aircraft. Comfortable, leather seats, expansive windows, and it's relatively quiet engine and rotor system make for a more enjoyable ride.

Not only is this aircraft low time but due it's rigorous FAA Part 135 maintenance standards for commercial air carriers you can not only expect safer operation but also less down time for maintenance. This means your mission will be accomplished efficiently and without delay.

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